Night Owl Circus Arts

Sexy Jazz w/ Eva
Today 4 PM at South
12 spots open
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Intermediate Fabric w/ Vianna
Tomorrow 12:30 PM at South
6 spots open
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Youth Aerial Apparatus w/ Gracie
Tomorrow 4:30 PM at South
11 spots open
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Duo Acro and Pyramids
Tomorrow 5:30 PM at South
9 spots open
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Beginner Silks w/ Gracie
Tomorrow 5:30 PM at South
3 spots open
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All Levels Multi-Apparatus
Tomorrow 6:30 PM at South
5 spots open
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Roll and Recover w/ Samantha
Tue 4/16 1:30 PM at South
7 spots open
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Teen Series
Tue 4/16 4:30 PM at South
6 spots open
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Rope and Straps
Tue 4/16 6:30 PM at South
6 spots open
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Pole Conditioning w/ Mindy
Tue 4/16 7:30 PM at South
3 spots open
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All Levels Trapeze w/ Samantha
Wed 4/17 2:30 PM at South
1 spot open
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Hire the Night Owls to provide spectacular and unique entertainment for your next event! Great for corporate events, festivals, fundraisers, galas, weddings, college events, and birthday parties!


Ground Acts

The Night Owls provide atmospheric background entertainment for your event, including juggling, and partner acrobatics! This package does NOT include aerial acts, such as silks. Rigging is NOT required. We only have a handful of performers who are able to do these types of events, so bookings are highly subject to performer availability.

Atmospheric Silks

The Night Owls provide visually stunning background entertainment and ambiance! Great for events with seated dinners, or events with free-flowing pedestrian traffic, indoors or outside. This gets you a minimum of 3 performers and a 45 minute performance on the aerial silks.

Atmospheric Deluxe

This is our most popular package! It includes PA support, and mobile DJ / MC services provided by DJ Craig. Depending on performer availability and the suitability of the space, we can also perform on the lyra (aerial hoop), juggling, ground acrobatics, and more! This gets you a minimum of 5 performers and a 60 minute performance with a 10 minute intermission.

Full Production

This package is for full stage productions. Ideal for events where the guests will be seated and fully focused on the performance, such as events in a theater, or with theater-style seating. This gets you a minimum of 8 performers and a 70 minute fully choreographed performance, with music and costuming to match your theme. Includes a 15 minute intermission.


  Ground Acts Atmospheric Silks Atmospheric Deluxe Full Production
No. of Performers: 2-3 3+ 5+ 8+
Length of Show: 45 min 45 min 60 min 75 min
DJ services:    
Acts*: Juggling
Partner Acrobatics *
Aerial Silks Aerial Silks
Partner Acrobatics
and more *
Aerial Silks
Partner Acrobatics
and more *
Choreography: Atmospheric Atmospheric Atmospheric
Fully Choreographed
Starting Price: $1000 $1400 $1800 $3800

We travel! Additional travel costs apply for events more than an hour drive from Johnson City, TN.
* Depending on performer availability.

Insurance and safety

Safety is our absolute top priority as a performance company! When using the silks, we require the use of an 8-inch crash mat at all times. With lyra and ground acrobatics, we allow our most advanced performers to choose to use smaller mats if they' staying low to the ground. All of our rigging is installed by trained aerial riggers. Aerial rigging is a highly specialized field, and it is NOT the same skill as theater rigging, arena rigging, construction rigging, rock climbing, high angle rescue, or vertical access.

And yes, we have liability insurance! Our specialized insurance policy is written specifically for use by aerial arts performance companies, which is specifically excluded from almost all other policies, including most standard policies held by gyms, universities, theaters, or convention halls. If requested, we will list your venue or organization as an 'additionally insured' on our policy, and provide you with a certificate of proof.

We set the bar high when it comes to safety, and we like to see others do the same. Unfortunately, there are solo performers and troupes out there that don't have the same standards. You should absolutely NEVER hire an aerial performance company that can't show you proof of specialized liability insurance that specifically covers aerial arts, as well as professionally trained aerial riggers, and professionally trained performers from a safe aerial studio or circus school. These are important questions to ask when hiring aerialists! Professional training and specialized liability insurance are not cheap, so in many cases, very low prices can be an important red flag.

Technical Requirements

Rigging requirements

There are two main options for rigging. Our preference, when possible, is to rig directly to the building's structural beams. For outdoor events, or indoor spaces where the beams are not suitable, we can rig using a 'portable rig', which is a free-standing tripod-shaped structure that lets us set up almost anywhere.

Option 1: Rigging from structural beams

Rigging is a complex topic! We always do a site visit early on in the booking process to evaluate the space. As a general rule of thumb, we're looking for a beam with a working load limit of at least 1000 lbs at the point where we rig, with at least a 10:1 safety factor, giving us a breaking strength of at least 10,000 lbs. If we're in doubt about the beams, we'll want to call in a structural engineer, which is an expense that we would pass along to you, if you choose to go this route. We strongly prefer to do all of the rigging ourselves, but in some larger venues, this can be against union rules. In these cases, we will allow certified riggers to configure our equipment, but we do absolutely require the opportunity to inspect all rigging up-close and approve it before we use it.

Rigging from structural beams also requires:

Option 2: Portable rigs

Portable Aerial Rig

Portable rigs are a great option for outdoor events, or when indoor beams are not suitable! It fully eliminates potential addition costs such as scissor lift rental, or inspection by structural engineers, arborists, or ETCP riggers, etc. It only takes us about an hour to put it up, and an hour to take it down. However, portable rigs require a very large footprint. They're excellent for outdoor use. They can also be used in very large indoor venues, where space is not an issue. 28 ft x 28 ft x 28 ft of open, flat space is recommended for us to set up the outdoor rig at full height for aerial silks. 20 ft x 20 ft x 20 ft of space is the minimum required space, but smaller spaces heavily limit what we're able to perform.

Recommended Indoor Venues

If you have not yet booked a venue for your indoor event, we recommend choosing one from this list! The venues on this list have all been confirmed to have adequate beams for us to rig indoors.



Knoxville region:

Venue owners and banquet managers: If you run an aerialist-friendly venue with large, riggable beams, give us a call! We'd love to set up a site visit at your venue to confirm its suitability, and then add your venue to this list free of charge!