Night Owl Circus Arts

Beginner Jazz w/ Eva
Today 3:30 PM at South
11 spots open
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Liquid Motion
Tonight 7 PM at South
7 spots open
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Beginner Chains w/ Mindy
Tonight 9 PM at South
2 spots open
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Intro to Arm-Balancing w/ Tori
Tomorrow 11 AM at South
8 spots open
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Splits Not Sits w/ Tori
Tomorrow 12:30 PM at South
5 spots open
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Mobility for Backbends w/ Tori
Tomorrow 2 PM at South
7 spots open
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Choreography w/ Vianna
Sun 6/11 4 PM at South
5 spots open
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Sexy Jazz w/ Eva
Sun 6/11 5 PM at South
10 spots open
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Aerial Yoga w/ Craig
Mon 6/12 11:45 AM at South
6 spots open
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Intermediate Aerial w/ Jen
Mon 6/12 1 PM at South
5 spots open
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Advanced Silks w/ Samantha
Mon 6/12 6:30 PM at South
1 spot open
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